About me

Spurgeon Quote :-

I am not particularly anxious about my own name, whether that shall endure for ever or not, provided it is recorded in my Master’s book. George Whitefield, when asked whether he would found a denomination, said, “No; Brother John Wesley may do as he pleases, but let my name perish; let Christ’s name last for ever.” Amen to that! Let my name perish; but let Christ’s name last for ever. I shall be quite contented for you to go away and forget me.

Well, I also hope that I can live for God rather than to exalt my own name or myself.. Thats why I love that quote from Whitefield.

Guess you might have understood that I like Spurgeon 🙂 and his words have always used by God to encourage me when I have been feeling down and discouraged, especially in the past 4 – 5 years.

Well, I’m Paul and I’m trying to be a true Christian in word and in deed. My passion is for God and his glory and I hope that I can serve him all my days and live according to his will. Well, some of my hobbies are Reading, Enjoying music (Mostly Hymns and Western Classicals), Spending time with friends, listening to sermons, doing anything outdoors.. etc. I also love to draw and sing. You can find some of my sketches here. I also have written poetry, maybe just one of them was amazing.. but I’m not a poet at all… lol..


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like Spurgeon also, although I don’t know or haven’t read any of his books, but what I have heard about him, I like. You have a good day and God Bless.

  2. Thats great to know.. I came to love Spurgeon by listening to some of his sermons on sermonaudio.com They were really encouraging when my heart was troubled and even now I listen to sermons very often. You too have a blessed day!

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