Our Inability

This is how Spurgeon quoted it in his sermon “Creation – An Argument for Faith”. I just love it..  Its again by John Newton 🙂

“I would, but cannot sing.
I would, but cannot pray.
For Satan meets me when I try,
And frights my soul away.
I would, but can’t repent,
Though I endeavor often.
This stony heart can never relent
Till Jesus makes it soft.
I would, but cannot love,
Though wooed by love Divine.
No arguments have power to move
A soul so base as mine.
I would, but cannot rest
In God’s most holy will.
I know what He appoints is best,
Yet murmur at it still.
O could I but believe!
Then all would easy be.
I would, but cannot—Lord, relieve—
My help must come from You!”

I cannot do what I would. I would leave sin, but still I fall into it. I would lay hold on Christ, but I cannot. Then comes
the question — Can God do it? And we answer, He who made the heavens and the earth without a helper, can certainly
save you when you can not help yourself.


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just a normal Christian guy who gets a bit too complicated at times.. I'd like to be of use to my maker and share something which has inspired me or passed through my mind.. View all posts by Paul

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