How sweet the name of Jesus sounds!

“How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
In a believer’s ear!
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,
And drives away his fear.”

A loving wife and mother lay dying. Her husband leaned over her, and said: “Do you know me, my darling?” “No,” said the dying woman, “I do not know who you are.” Her daughter came. “Mother, dear, surely you know me?” “No, I do not.” Then her husband tried again: “Do you know Jesus, my dear one?” “Jesus,” she said, and at the precious name the light came back into the pale face. “Jesus,” she repeated. “Yes, I know Him. He is my Shepherd, Husband, Friend,” and, even as she spoke, she passed away to be with Him for ever.

Let us never forget John Newton’s dying words. He said to Mr. Jay: “My memory is nearly gone, but I remember two things — that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Saviour.”


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