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Jesus Christ, my all in all

There was once a poor man called Jack in

a small country town who had not all the sense people usually have, but he had sense enough to be a great drunkard and swearer but as God would have it, he once listened to a poor woman, who was singing—

“I’m a poor sinner and nothing at all
But Jesus Christ is my all in all”

Home he went, repeating these words, he put his trust in a crucified Saviour, and was really converted. Soon Jack wanted to join the church, and although he was a pedlar, and always travelling about, he said, “I want to join your church.” They, remembering his sinful way of life, required some great evidence of a change before they received him, “O!” says he, “I must come in,” “But you have been such a great sinner, and you are unconverted,” added the elders. “Well,” said poor Jack, “I don’t know if I’m unconverted, and I confess I am a great sinner—but

“I’m a poor sinner, and nothing at all;
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

They could not get from him any other testimony save this. He would only say—

“I’m a poor sinner, and nothing at all;
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

They could not refuse him, and therefore accepted him for fellowship. After this he was always happy. When a Christian man said to him “But you always seem so happy and pleased, John; how is it?” “Well” said he, ” I ought to be happy, for—

“I’m a poor sinner, and nothing at all;
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

“Well but,” said the gentleman, “I can’t see how you can be always so happy and sure. I sometimes lose my evidences.” “I don’t,” said Jack,

” I’m a poor sinner, and nothing at all;
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

“Ah,” said a friend, “I am at times miserable because I remember my sad sinfulness even since conversion.” “Ah!” said Jack, “you have not begun to sing,

“I’m a poor sinner, and nothing at all.
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

“Oh!” said the friend, “how do you get rid of your doubts and fears? My faith frequently fails, and I miss my sure hope in Christ. My frames are so variable and feelings so contrary, what do you think of that?” “Think,” said poor Jack, ” why master I have no good things to care about—

“I’m a poor sinner and nothing at all,
But Jesus Christ is my all in all.'”

Our Troubles, Blessings in disguise

There is one thing which makes me rejoice even when I’ m sad and troubled and makes me happy that I indeed have to through them.. More often that not, I’m very sensitive to small pains and hurts, whereas I find most of the people around me not having the same problems as me. Let me not at the least say that others don’t have problems. But I have the tendency to feel that in spite of trusting God and loving him more I still sometimes am worse off than them. But the fact of the matter is that unless I go through such troubles and sorrows, God’s promises would never have been so sweet for me and his presence so dear. So were it not for my troubles and sorrows I would have not had such moments when I feel God’s love more. So in them I thank God for making his presence known and even for allowing me to go through this sorrow. Thats the time when I feel the words of God as the words of the hymns more sweet to me.. There are many songs which are sweet to me, but I’ll just mention one here..

Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.

The words become the song of my soul. I seek Refuge only on God and help from him alone. I want him to be with me and comfort me in my troubles and sadnesses..  So there is no wonder that for a christian, achild of God, the troubles of this world can be his blessings in disguise.. And when my heart is close to God I want to be more of his true child, to drive all my iniquities away and be his child in every aspect. May God grant me the strength to keep his statuetes and to walk in his way.