Burdens in life :)

About the burdens and difficulties which I face now.. God has given them to me for a purpose.. and he has not given me to make my life difficult.. but he sees some good coming out from it and so that is why I have them.. I might be sad for a while, but I know that all will come to pass and that I will be blessed by God and be more happy and get more than what I am yearning for.. so I always have that hope.. and you are right that there are people suffering worse than us.. but for each person his/her own burden is too hard to bear however small it might seem to others, and in reality God is the only one who really cares the most even though we might feel at times that he cares the least.. if he is silent it is only out of love and not anger or indifference.. this is something which we will realise only when we walk more with God and have a long bond with him.. when we are new in Christ we might feel different, but ultimately God makes all his children aware of how much he loves you and me…


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